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My Mugs My Way - Amazing Mug Designs

I own a great collection of mugs of different designs and colors. My morning starts with a cup of hot brewed coffee and the mug I choose for my coffee completely depends on my mood and what the day is bringing for me. I am selective when it comes to coffee mugs because it defines me and my personality as a person. 

When I am in the office, I am a very different person, even my mugs are very different from the ones I have at home. These mugs might look simple but they are of great value to me. They have been there with me in my thick and thin. I even got some inspiring quotes engraved on these mugs to help me stay positive and energetic during tough times. When I have to work extra hours, I rely on coffee to keep me active and focused. So no matter what I need my mugs around me. 

The love for personalised mugs literally runs in my family. My father has his own mug collection, some of which he got from his office as a token of appreciation, some he bought himself and few custom mugs we gi…